I know we’re just discovering this, but there was an amaaaazing TED talk posted last year on the value of improv and how it applies to life. Please watch:

Don’t have 10 minutes? Here’s the notes:

  1. Play — engage in something just because you like it.
  2. Let yourself fail — doing something different is the worst that can happen.
  3. Listen — listening is being willing to change.
  4. Say yes — a series of yeses will take us somewhere. It just takes one no to stop everything.
  5. Say and — adding ideas allow everyone can build something together.
  6. Play the game — the process, rules and all, helps us create something.
  7. Relax and have fun — staying relaxed will allow you to play the game, follow the rules of “yes and,” listening, accepting failure, and ultimately playing and having fun.

Do you do this in your own life? Do you stay relaxed and find everything unfolding before you in a way that is fun and rewarding? Maybe not always, but it’s worth working towards.

And if you’re not sure how to start, there’s plenty of places to take an intro to improv class. 😉