About Chick Flick



Mia always wanted to have an all-female troupe called Chick Flick. One Day Mary pulled out her sketchbook and showed Mia her plans for just such a troupe! They called in Jennifer to collaborate and then invited Karen, Delia, and later Theresa to join.

Chick Flick members collaborate to present long-form improv that is a little goofy, a little whimsical, a little romantic, and a lot of fun!

We have performed in SF Improv Fest, Femprovisor Fest, with various San Francisco improv theaters, and have put on shows at private events.

Our signature format is “The Eternal Sunshine,” blending present-day, flash-backs, and flash-forwards into one narrative that explores characters and their relationships across generations.

Email us: improvchicks@gmail.com