Troupe Members


Mary started improvising in 2008 after some stints doing scripted performance. In addition to some improv side projects, related work she’s done includes radio drama, performance theater, costuming, and writing fiction. She is also a member of the Ragged Wing Ensemble in Oakland.






Jennifer is from Tennessee and came to California for a theater internship in 2006. She has been doing improv for over 10 years. She has worked with Pan Theater in Oakland where she was a member of Awkward Face, and with End Games and the Mitch Green Show in San Fransisco. She has also appeared as a guest performer in the Un-Scripted Theater Company. While in North Carolina she got be a true idiot with Raleigh’s Village Idiots.

On top of her love of improv Jennifer has a passion for theater; she received her BFA from The University of Tennessee.



Karen has been performing with Bay Area troupes since 2008. She teaches improv for private clients and at conventions, most notably her workshop series “Improv for Gamers.”





Pen Pals

We have a few lovely members (plus our extra special “honorary” Chick) who aren’t able to join us regularly, and how we miss them so! It’s always a pleasure to have these talented improvisers come back to play.


Mia Blankensop grew up in Alaska–which she thought was completely normal until she left. She began performing improv in 2001 with Voodoo Barbie, the improv comedy group at Beloit College. She was a member of Oakland’s Pan Theater from 2005 – 2010 and began teaching improv in early 2008.

Mia has studied with instructors from Gotham City Improv (New York), IO (Chicago), IO West (Los Angeles), and UCB (Los Angeles). She is a member of the Un-Scripted Theater Company, has coached and performed with End Games Theater, and was a company member in the improvised retro-sitcom FutureStyle79. She currently lives in Los Angeles, where she continues to teach and perform.



Theresa entered the improv theater world in 2001 in Chicago. She completed The Second City training program there and later trained, performed, taught, and directed at Pan Theater in Oakland. When she’s not jet-setting to far-off destinations, she takes part in improv jams in various cities and singing karaoke when she gets the chance.



John trained at Pan Theater in Oakland, was a founding member of Dad’s Other Family, and now holds the esteemed status of “in a relationship” with Chick Flick. As “Chick Flick’s Boyfriend,” John jumps in when his schedule allows. He is an inspiring improvisor who really “gets us” and is a totally good listener.


Past Chicks


Delia started doing improv at Pan Theater in Oakland and was a member of Chick Flick until 2012.