We’ve been working hard in preparation for a 4-show run at EndGames Improv’s new Harold Night!

The Harold is a classic long-form format that combines smaller sub-formats, and was first developed in the 1960s by Del Close. In its strictest form, it adheres to the following pattern:

  • Suggestion of a theme
  • Opening game
  • 3 scenes: A, B, C
  • Group game
  • Further development of A, B, C
  • Group game
  • Resolution of A, B, C

The A, B, and C scenes start out as unrelated to each other but playing with the central theme of the piece. The games are also used to explore and develop the theme. As the Harold progresses, A, B, and C may start to merge, and the number of scenes in each round may differ.

Opinions vary on whether one should stick to the structure, or that any loose collection of scenes interspersed with games constitutes as a Harold. It will be interesting to see how different troupes at the Harold Night present it.

We’ve been having a lot of fun working with this format! Come see us and other local troupes in action!

Our show dates:
November 8th
November 15th
November 29th
December 6th

Time: 7:30pm

Cost: Only 5 bucks! Buy tickets here.

Venue: Stage Werx Theatre, 446 Valencia at 16th, San Francisco