This week we put on a show with the fabulous Narcissists Anonymous and Moosehead. We chanced upon some available theater space thanks to PianoFight, who were looking to “sublet” some of their theater space on the off-nights of their run of Duck Lake. This was the first time (aside from private parties) we’d put on our own show rather than be a guest in someone else’s production, and we learned a few (rather elementary) things when you run a show yourself. For example:

  • Know who is going to do all the things that you won’t be doing, like selling tickets, running lights, and unlocking the theater for you.
  • Have a bank of cash to make change with.
  • Have a cd or iPod loaded with music to play while the house is open.

Fortunately, all the pieces fell into place. We had a great time, and thanks again to our opening troupes and PianoFight for making it such a great show!