This is one of our favorite exercises. Establishes relationships, location, actions, and endows characteristics.

You could lead into a scene with it during practice, or just use it as a warm-up to focus and get your brain ready for some scene-building.

Players: 2
Time: 3-5 minutes

Players face each other and start endowing.

A: You make me feel <emotion>. “You make me feel elated.”
B: You make me feel <emotion>. “You make me feel bummed out.”

A: You are my <adj> <relationship>, <name>. “…my mute cousin Betty.”
B: You are my <adj> <relationship>, <name>. “…my brutish cousin Tom.”

A: We are at <generic place>. “…the football field.”
B: We are at <specified area>. “…the concession stand.”

A: We are talking about <topic unrelated to location>. “…what to get our moms for their birthdays.”
B: We are/I am <doing an action unrelated to topic>. “…mixing all the sodas into one cup.”